Is Faster-than-Light Travel Possible with Warp Foam?

Did NASA researchers accidentally create warp foam in December and find a way to travel faster than light? So what is warp drive and how does it work? Is faster-than-light travel possible with warp engines? There has been a lot of news about this recently. I also get questions like what is warp driving and is it possible to travel faster than light. I’ve published a few articles on warp engines, but warp foam research is advancing rapidly.

Is warp foam real?

Our media, as usual, exaggerates the issue, as if they were flying fast-than-light spaceships to neighboring suns. It writes like we’re leaving tomorrow. That’s why I have readers and viewers asking if warp driving is a fallacy or a real field of scientific research. First of all, warp drive is a scientific theory, not a fallacy. In this article, we will see the most recent developments in warp theory:

Warp drivers with the technical name (warp means bending space) are not just science fiction. In Einstein’s theory of general relativity, which describes gravity, it is possible to travel faster than light without exceeding the speed of light by bending space. In fact, as I linked at the end of the article, an institute7 opened a competition to give scholarships to students who developed warp theory. Confident can apply immediately! All of this is nice, but the media thoroughly “foamed” the subject and reported that warp engine pioneer Harold White had accidentally produced warp foam (!) in the laboratory and discovered faster-than-light travel. Is that true, and what is warp foam?

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What does warp foam do?

Warp driving is a new mode of transportation that allows faster-than-light travel. In warp driving, which is just a theory for now, you don’t go from one place to another in space. Instead, you bend the space around you into a foam and glide through space faster than light, as if you were surfing a wave. The spaceship bends and compresses the space in front of it like fabric and stretches the space behind it like a dough; that is, it expands space. It does this with warp foam that surrounds the ship and separates local space from outer space. Thus, without exceeding the speed of light in local space, you would have glided through space without actually moving at all.

Warp theory a) how to create this foam, b) how much and how much for foam what kind of energy is needed AND c) investigate whether this is possible according to the laws of physics. The warp engine is the technology of the business. Therefore, developing warp drives falls within the domain of warp engineers. There is also more than one warp theory. Let’s say it up front: We’ve developed a lot of warp theory, but we haven’t built a warp engine yet… and I repeat, yes, warp drive is theoretically possible. It may be practically impossible.

So where will the energy that drives the warp engine come from? Can we generate energy so violently that it bends spacetime? This is the reason why we haven’t been able to develop a warp engine until now. We neither know how to produce this energy nor can we produce enough energy. There are many methods of energy production, but many of them are impossible and prohibited in many warp theories. The reason why warp driving is theoretically possible is Einstein’s theory of general relativity. To talk about whether faster-than-light travel is possible, let’s first take a quick look at general relativity:

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{ 5}


Mass and energy bend space

As I said in the short video I shared yesterday ( just below) mass bends space, and bending space extends the path light travels. So, general relativity is a zero-sum game, as is valid in the entire universe. E=mc2, it is a property derived from mass energy… and again, as you can see in the equation above, bending space produces mass and energy.This is similar to the input-output thing in computer science. You get what you put into the equation. So bending space means redistributing the energy of spacetime.

This may sound cool to you, but a simple dishwasher also redistributes the energy of spacetime when running. It draws from the mains electricity and does work. It heats the water, dries the dishes and wastes some of it as waste heat. The problem is that bending space into a warp foam that allows faster-than-light travel 1) is either theoretically possible but requires forms of energy not found in the universe 2) and/or requires more energy than we can generate. This is what really separates the warp-driven starship Enterprise from the dishwasher, preferably in your kitchen. In summary, the equations of relativity have many warp theory solutions. We’re also investigating these:

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Warp foam energy types

So, if we provide the necessary mass (spaceship) and energy distribution (warp drive energy), we can bend space into warp foam as we want. Warp theory is possible; because in the general relativity equations there is a corresponding solution to all the curved spacetime shapes. However, most of these mass-energy distributions are impossible. As far as we know, warp driving requires three things that are impossible… 1) Negative energy density, 2) repulsive gravitational particles (even more insane negative mass) and 3){4 } particles traveling faster than light (the tachyons that readers love)…

Each of them; For example, I have written a lot of technical details on topics such as is there a negative mass corresponding to negative energy, can we make circulation machines that work forever by drawing free energy from space with negative mass. Here’s why it’s impossible to use them in warp driving. The most impossible of them all is negative energy. We have not seen such a thing as negative energy, and we are fortunate not to; because it would destabilize the energy of the vacuum of space and destroy the universe. If there was negative energy, you would produce as much energy as you want out of nothing. Enough to destroy the universe. It’s not nice!

There wouldn’t be humans if there was negative energy. So warp drive with negative energy is impossible. Particles that create repulsive gravity are also theoretical, but not that dangerous. For example, we think that the inflaton energy field, which drives the cosmic inflation that triggered the big bang that created the universe, consists of repulsive gravitational particles. If that makes you think of antigravity, I wrote that too. 😊 There are even those who think that the inflaton field of dark energy is a “domesticated” version of our universe. However, it is impossible to generate warp energy from dark energy, and we did not see inflaton particles. So this option is also probably impossible.

As for faster-than-light particles,

Surprisingly, this is the most plausible one. After all, we don’t know of a way to accelerate mass to the speed of light, but it’s okay for a particle to be traveling faster than light all along. Unfortunately, we also don’t know how to pull faster-than-light particles below the speed of light. We didn’t see any tachyons. So even if there are particles faster than light, it is unclear how we will use them in the warp engine. Now let’s look at the types of warp theory. Maybe something will come out of these:

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{ 2} 

Types of warp theory

We need to see if there is a warp theory that allows this to develop warp drive; so is there a warp theory that doesn’t need at least the first two energy types above? The first and most famous warp theory is the Alcubierre Drive, developed by Miguel Alcubierre in 1994. This theory requires both negative energy, antigravity, and faster-than-light particles.Scientists who argued that warp drive was impossible also wrote in this magazine. Therefore, some researchers accused the journal of publishing unqualified publications. I asked a few of my friends abroad about the subject. They say the journal is very reputable and the article is of good quality. In my opinion, it is not right to criticize a professional magazine like this. Second, an article can be both high quality and wrong. It is necessary to separate this.

If you ask why did you tell me, sir: The media is not solely responsible for the misleading news in the media. There have been many conflicting articles on warp driving in the last few years. It’s normal for them to be confused. That’s why I’m trying to cite all of them 1-7 to compile the most up-to-date developments in warp foam for you. Lentz says in a nutshell I found that warp drives require less symmetry breaking than previously thought. So I simplified the theory and got rid of the negative energy requirement. Good, but when we scan the article, we don’t see a line that proves that negative energy is not needed. Continue:

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{ 6}Negative energy problem

In April 2021, this time Shaun Fell and Lavinia Heisenberg published an article. They came to the same conclusion as Lentz and stated that they got rid of negative energy, which this article contains more detailed mathematical proofs. However, it wasn’t cool enough for our media and it didn’t make headlines.1 Note two things so far… A) There are multiple warp theories and separate articles have been published about them. The media mix them up and report as if they all come from a single source and belong to the same theory. Then heads turn into soup. B) The three warp theories I mentioned, namely the Alcubierre drive, Lentz and Fellik–Heisenberg’s theories, fall into a group of warp theories which we call the Natario class.

Anyway… 2021 In May, this time Santiago, Schuster and Visser wrote an article in which they said that negative energy is essential in the Natario classroom, so the Lentz and Fell-Heisenberg articles were wrong. They stated that both theories left one point missing while checking the equations, and therefore they were wrong. Fell and Heisenberg admitted they were wrong by sharing a new article. Lentz also reviewed his article, but said no, there is really no need for negative energy in my theory! Still, physicists say they don’t understand how Santiago refutes the objection in the article.

In this context, Santiago, Schuster, and Visser’s article came out on the Arxiv site3 but has not yet been published in the peer-reviewed journal. As a result, the process is ongoing, and while even physicists have not come to a firm conclusion on whether faster-than-light travel with warp foam is possible, I, as a science writer, can only describe what happened. At worst, we learn why a whole set of Warp theory is impossible. For technical folks, I might add that the Santiago article says that the energy density integral is zero. Then it has to be negative elsewhere by the zero-sum requirement; because the universe is made of positive energy (you can’t create energy out of nothing). Fortunately, there is a larger set of warp theory that encompasses the Natario class. Is one of the theories in this set possible?

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{ 2} 

Upper warp foam cluster

The upper theory cluster that Bobrick and Martire mentioned does not seem to require negative energy. By the way, don’t confuse the Casimir effect with the negative energy I’m talking about here. We know that the Casimir effect is not the same thing as dark energy and vacuum energy. As for the more general set of warp foam… These theories say that we can create warp foam if or if we can create certain features in certain regions of space, but no one knows how! We can divide these theories into two as in the picture… Warp driving faster than light and driving slower than light.

If only the latter were possible, it would be a revolution! It would take only 12-13 days to reach the edge of the Solar System from Earth with ships reaching 1 percent of the speed of light.So don’t say you want faster-than-light warp drive. In short, faster-than-light warp drive still requires faster-than-light particles. What about the news that Harold White, professor of applied physics, accidentally discovered Warp foam that allows faster-than-light travel? Let’s see the truth of the matter:

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{ 1}Warp foam and NASA

First of all, if you look at my writings dating back to 2014, you’ll see that White has a record of publishing exaggerated scientific news. It sounds to me like he’s trying to get funding from NASA and make a career out of doing scientific research. If we ignore the speculation, White did some computer simulations at the nanometer scale, ie molecular scale, but beware, he didn’t do a real experiment! He did a computer simulation and saw densities of negative energy similar to the Alcubierre drive. This means that negative energy warp foams are possible, according to the simulations.

But I repeat. This is just a simulation and there is no theory, article or proof! Be very careful. Also, beware, as the Casimir effect, which applies at the nanometer scale, always produces negative energy densities, so beware. Remember that the Casimir effect is not the same as vacuum energy and/or dark energy responsible for the expansion of the universe (space). So is warp driving possible after all?

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warp-köpüğü-ile-ışıktan-hızlı-yolculuk-mümkün-mü{ 3}



Warp faster-than-light is impossible, but slow-than-light warp is possible. Would you like to go on vacation to Pluto in the summer at 1 percent of the speed of light? Beware of! They say it will be cold. 😉 In short, slow-than-light warp driving could revolutionize humanity by allowing it to expand into space very cheaply without fuel shortages. However, positive energy warp theories only say that if we bend space this way, the ship “goes” at that speed and that’s it. We need to figure out how to do this.

It is not enough to create warp foam. And you have to push the ship. How do we do this from the outside? But will warp foam explode if it hits interstellar gas? If the warp ship accidentally crashes into Earth, will it destroy it? There are more questions, but we’re on the right track.

Do you also look at Practical Warp Drive now, and does the mass increase as you approach the speed of light? And why can’t we measure the speed of light, you might ask? You may wonder why your length gets shorter as you approach the speed of light, and if you have a spiral engine reaching 99 percent of the speed of light. You can take a look at the new wormhole theory for faster-than-light travel, starting from the question whether Einstein forbade exceeding the speed of light. You can also research the subject of what would happen if we were made of photons instead of matter by not getting your speed. I wish all students good luck in their final exams. Stay with science and health.

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