Hair transplant patient testimonial #shorts

Hair transplant DHI technique differs from the FUE technique in the method of grafting the follicles only, where the extraction is carried out in the same technique using the micromotor device.
In all previous hair transplant techniques, small channels or incisions are opened in the area in which the follicles will be transplanted before starting the transplantation stage, and then the follicles are lowered into these channels by means of medical forceps dedicated to transplanting the follicles.
On the contrary, the DHI technique enables us to grow hair without the need to open channels, where the follicles are transplanted directly under the scalp through a special pen called CHOI Hair pen.
The Choi Pen is a fine needle-tipped instrument that the follicle is suspended in and implanted directly under the surface of the skin in a single motion.
This technique is characterized by the rapid healing of the transplanted area due to the absence of any cracks or bleeding in the scalp.

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