How to Help Hair Grow Back after Chemo | Thinning Hair

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Patients who have had chemotherapy and have lost their hair, face a very difficult problem. Often the fact that they have the hair loss, it reminds them of the trauma that they suffered through, with their cancer. And so it’s more than just the fact that they have hair loss, it’s what it reminds them of.

So, anything that we can do to help them re-grow their hair is beneficial. There’s no miracle cures out there, but what we found very successful and at least helpful, has been the use of laser therapy. The light therapy, that can be used in the form of a comb or a cap, seems to benefit the patient and help their hair grow back faster.

One thing that we’ve also seen happen, is that patients who have suffered from cancer and had chemotherapy done, it’s exacerbated their underlying male or female pattern hair loss. In these cases, the hair just simply doesn’t grow back. On a positive note though, it can be transplanted, and these patients respond the same way that other patients respond, to the hair transplant techniques.

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