Frontal Hair Transplant by Sapphire FUE Method 4600 Hair Grafts Impantation #shorts #hairtransplant

The world’s most advanced FUE method of hair restoration for quality results.

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We are currently using the most advanced FUE method of hair restoration for quality results. Our team of doctors is fully equipped and specialised with the advance knowledge of FUE, FUT and direct implantation of hair grafts. We use platelet-rich plasma and cytokine rich plasma for better healing and survival of hair grafts. Our sapphire needle helps us to make less traumatic and high-density slits. There are further modifications at each step which help us to have natural looking and dense hair at the end. If you are looking for an advance clinic to change your life, we are here you.

Quality extraction of hair from a Donor site
Careful graft handling outside the body
Dense and appropriate Slits making
Careful Implantation of hair grafts

Hair transpalnt results :…

When it comes to hair restoration surgery you have many choices. However here are some points you need to consider:

Understand the significance of this life changing experience and appreciate your desire to get a safe and quality hair transplant. Therefore, we don’t perform multiple unit grafts or straight lines in front. We endeavour and strive to give you natural looking results. All our surgeries are carried out by Dr.Mohd Asif who is a trained and certified hair restoration surgeon. In our clinic, we perform only one procedure at a time. Hence we are able to give our complete and dedicated focus to that one patient.

Our hair restoration procedures are performed by qualified and trained doctors. Technician are for minimal assistance only.

We follow the ISHRS guidelines for hair restoration while performing the procedures.

Our procedures are performed under sterile environment. We maintain all international standards for hygiene and have zero-tolerance to anything insanitary.

We employ advanced techniques in surgery and are updated through research and seminars. We combine state-of-the-art procedures with excellent treatments.

We are trained in all the advancement of hair restoration like direct hair implantation, Modified FUE and combination of treatment with platelet rich plasma.

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